Thursday, October 9, 2008

Me vs Thursdays and what our kids pray for

Aaargh! Today is the start of my "work week" and am not actually looking forward to it.... Okay so this statement would not really make my Mom happy hahaha. It's not that I dislike working because I actually love my job and look forward to it. It's the time between now and the time I start preparing for work that makes it rather difficult. My youngest son has this way of seeing through me -- like when he sees me dressed in an attire that he does not usually see me wearing around the house he'd ask "pang-alis po yan Mommy? ha? pang-alis yan?" (similar to asking whether what I am wearing means that I am going somewhere) If I say "yes because Mommy is going to the office", he would suddenly look at me with his "puppy eyes" with matching tears about to fall. This is what makes leaving home for work extremely difficult especially since he has fever. You know it's funny that whenever my children says their prayers before bedtime they would include this : "Jesus please make us rich so that Mommy would not have to work and just stay home and take care of us...." :)

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Ria said...

I feel the same way Enid. My daughter's already 10 yrs old and each time I have to leave for work, I always see those "begging eyes." However, a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do...