Thursday, October 30, 2008

My 8 Random facts...

I was tagged by Gengen of Wonderful things in Life, I had one earlier hahaha so this will be 16 total random facts about me already :) Well, here goes....

1. I love smelling my children's armpits hahaha

2.  When I was little (around 5 or 6) while playing with my sister I accidentally inserted my eraser inside my nose and accidentally sniffed which made it go up further and stay lodged inside the upper portion of my nose. My mom had to make me blow my nose several times in order for it to be taken out. So all mothers out there beware of what your children do with their erasers haahaha

3. I used to hate Math when I was still a student I wanted to learn so hard but my brain just would not cooperate

4. I gave birth  a month before my due date because  I got scared of a cockroach which made me  jump and which in turn ruptured my water bag.

5. I love experimenting with food and have come up with a few pasta and meat recipes

6. I have won in singing contests held in town fiestas in Batangas -- I even won First place in one event but guess what? There were only 3 contestants hahaha so for those out there who dream of bagging the top prize make sure that the contest you join would only have 3 aspirants including yourself hehehe

7. The longest I have worked for a company is 6 years, which could have been longer had the company not closed down due to bankruptcy.

8. I taught English language to Korean students years back and now they are good friends of mine just don't ask me if they have learned a lot from me hahaha

There...that's me the second time around...having fun though! I won't tag anyone this time but if you feel like joining go ahead and help yourself! Have fun!


Anonymous said...

i taught english language in thailand, too. and now teaching english for pre schoolers here in germany :D

Call Center Gal said...

Aliw naman yan! May something in common tayo nila Kengkay. Ako din yung first job ko eh English Tutor sa mga Koreans, ngayon naman Comm Skills Trainer sa Call Center. ;)

wendy said...

hello enid =)

haha reading this was quite entertaining! your water broke because of a cockroach lol

also hated math. God knows I tried learning it but like you my brain didn't cooperate.

ako naman nung kid ako, i accidentally sharpened my finger with a hetty sharpener (yeah ung character sa jollibee)