Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Practically a newbie in the world of blogging I was finally convinced by my husband to join the circle of bloggers around the world almost 3 months ago (8th of August). This started my ardent affair with the computer... and opened new venues to exchange ideas, share stories, not to mention the liberty to rant and rave about practically everything! Being a greenhorn, I know that there are still a lot I don't understand in the blogsphere but patiently I try to learn as every blogsite I come across with has been one interesting blog after another. I would like to thank those who take to time to read my articles, visit my site and leave valuable comments.

These awards were conferred by Call Center Gal last Sunday and as such I would also like to pass them on to my blog buds:

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irel said...

thanks for the awards:) I will post this in my blog.

thanks for the link also about the hultman-chapman case.As I was reading it, I remembered the case. I was in 1st yr. h.s school that time.